About Us

Located in the San Fernando Valley and serving the Los Angeles County, we're a lawn care company with over 30 years of ancestry experience. Here's a very special message from the business owner, David Hernandez.

Hi folks! First of all, I just want to give you my sincere gratitude and appreciation for checking out our website. Now, you're probably looking for a reliable lawn care service. Choosing one is crucial because they are maintaining the ground of many memories that will be made like Birthday Parties, a Sunday Barbecue or a just a Gathering with family and friends in the fresh air of your home. Here's my mission and why I started this business to take proper care of lawns and other outdoor necessities like yours.

It all started when I was only 5 years old. My father started teaching me all the things I needed to know to take proper care of a lawn. I've deeply rooted the wise words of my amazing father deep inside of my heart. From there my love for lawn care sky rocketed , and as I got older I wanted to bring that quality and value of service to other people like you instead of just my backyard lawn. I wanted to show people like you what an efficient and principle centered lawn care company can do. It's time this industry became elite! That's when I created Dave's Lawn Care. A family owned lawn care company that puts their clients first! Created to bring dependable, valuable and affordable service right to your lawn! Our clients love us because of our authenticity and I am truly blessed and thankful for them. Not only do they experience great service but they keep this company going which allows us to serve more homes like yours and have you experience the kind of great care we have to offer. My story and mission has been proudly told. Now let the memories that happen on your freshly cut lawn share a million others. God Bless you! Wherever you may be.

Sincerely yours,
David E. Hernandez